* Idaho Enhanced Conceal Weapon Permit Training
* Idaho School Employee Firearms Training
* Firearms Training
* Boise Idaho Handgun classes
* Concealed Weapons Permit Training
* Civilian Tactical Training
* Urban Rifle / AR-15 Training
* Private Lessons

"Because the world isn't getting any safer"

Triple Threat Firearms is the Treasure Valley’s premiere firearms training group.

Our students are looking for a skill at arms that is far superior to the average gun owning citizen. We don’t care if you’re a corporate CEO, a homemaker with five children or a student going to college. As long as you are motivated to get better…we want you!

Classes start with the assumption that each student knows nothing about firearms and advances all the way to shooting on the move from cover or concealment in later courses.

Our time tested method of training incorporates a building block curriculum to make even the most novice student comfortable with operating a firearm. We will train you to a level that meets or exceeds those taught to police officers. We should know. We teach the police!

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